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Making Money with Google Ad-sense and Youtube

Making Money with Google Ad-sense and Youtube
June 21
09:37 2016

Google AdSense is probably the most ubiquitous and easily accessible form of online advertising on the internet today. It is simple, easy to use, and reliable; Google is the most viewed site on the internet by a fair margin. Its homepage records millions of unique views every day and Google being almost synonymous with the internet to so many people means that it is very easy and convincing people to accept ads hosted by Google.

AdSense is a free service that, put simply, is used to connect advertisers with website owners. It is a very easy and convenient way to monetise your content online. It is simple to set up and configuration takes mere minutes. What you get in peace of mind is more than worth Google’s cut of the revenue you generate, since Google vets advertisers itself and you can rest assured that no unscrupulous ads will make their way onto your website. Google also has a reputation of making regular and on-time payments so you do not run the risk of being scammed.

Once you set up AdSense on your Google account, all that remains is to set up a place to host the ads that AdSense will serve up. This can be any online web content but we are going to set up a YouTube channel for our purposes of hosting AdSense advertisements. For YouTube, you do not need to take any additional steps to monetise your content; AdSense already integrates with YouTube itself and you need just click on the “Monetise” check mark and you are done.

AdSense is an advertising network that integrates with all of Google’s web services and products. Google is a mighty company, and attempts to game its systems will not be met with kindness; using any illegal methods to artificially generate ad hits can get your account disable very fast. So play fair, and let the money roll in.

Making money with YouTube videos

Making videos is so easy these days; virtually everyone has a smartphone these days (odds are you are reading this article on a smartphone than a PC). Using your smartphone’s camera capabilities, you can easily make videos on anything you want. Edit your videos using freely available software on both PC and mobile. Finally, after all post processing is done, you can put them on YouTube for anyone to view.

Making videos is so easy; there has been rapid growth in the YouTube community who make videos on YouTube full time for their living. Keep uploading videos for a few days and as you rake in views your account will be eligible for AdSense monetisation. Just click on that check box and you are done.


Keep in mind that AdSense generates real money in real world. You will need to obey all local laws that govern any transactions of money. You must have a bank account in good stand to which Google can remit funds and you must be able to receive them. Take care of these prerequisites and you will be okay. Have fun!

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