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July 29
13:46 2016

 Buzz by Emanuel Rosen is a revised version of the Anatomy of Buzz. This book shares real life examples of word-of-mouth marketing. The writer takes you through the remarkable journey of new services and products transforming into reputed brands. The writer has succeeded in conveying that it is imperative for every brand to communicate with its audience. To elucidate further, the brand should communicate its story to its users with clarity and in turn, the users will create their own personal story in connection with the brand. The writer emphasises that unusual experience of brands motivate people to talk and discuss about it and create buzz.  One such example is that of Polaroid cameras. Polaroid’s General Manager -Product Development, during his visit to Tokyo was inspired by the photo booths which provided photos that could be used as stickers. This was quite popular among the youth in Japan. Thus, they adopted the same idea and added adhesive material to the back of the stamp sized pictures which created buzz worldwide. The writer therefore says that the best conversation triggers are the ones that are built into the product itself.

Emanuel Rosen discusses the significant role of social media in word-of-mouth marketing. This helps to leverage and sustain the buzz created by brands. Social Media can help brands build their reputation across the globe. However, Social Media is a double edged sword as it can affect the brand negatively with global consequences because word-of-mouth may not necessarily be always positive. The writer has addressed this issue very smartly by giving examples as well as solutions to such problems. Rosen says you can create reminders so that people who have had a positive experience with your brand talk about it more because user satisfaction is the biggest tool for any brand. This will help to reduce the percentage of the negative comments in the cocktail of opinions.

The writer has correctly identified that the weakness of the consumer lies in the multiple choices that the consumer industry has to offer. He says, “Inundated with the choices in the marketplace, we are starving for clues that tell us what’s good. We are hungry for buzz”.  What make this book a very interesting read are the examples that support the simple word-of-mouth marketing facts. Rosen reveals that consumers are getting smarter day by day and that they prefer to believe the information that comes from others who are like them as compared to the CEO of some company. This is to say that our purchase normally is the result of recommendation from our friend, cousin or a neighbour’s opinion.

There is a very pertinent quote  in this book from the Italian playwright Luigi Pirandello, “A fact is like a sack which won’t stand up when it is empty. In order that it may stand up, one has to put into it the reason and sentiment which have caused it to exist.” As the writer puts it, the way to engage people is to tell a story. But in the context of business it has to persuade, not just engage. Emanuel Rosen has done this very well through this book. It is not just engaging but it also persuades you at many levels.  I recommend reading two chapters from this book daily as you can inculcate its learning into your life. This book has some amazing brand stories from EndNote, Nike, Toms shoe as well as a neighbourhood butcher shop- Schaub’s, which was in the business of selling marinated sirloin. These brands have stories that could connect with people. The book makes an excellent read for the CEOs, Public Relations, Marketing as well as Branding professionals as it informs you how to do things that relate to the product so that you succeed in reinforcing the concept and the message behind the product. It’s important for every communication professional to see to it that the strategy always conveys the company’s key message. The examples given in the book are bound to stick with you forever.

Image credits: Ashwini Karvi, Communications Strategist

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